Maintaining premium status as a leading Qatari business conglomerate while forging lifelong partnerships of world class caliber.


We aim for market leadership through achieving prosperity to our partners and through measurably contributing to the growth and profitability of our customers.

Core Values:

  1. Integrity – This family-owned business enhances its image to cope with modernization yet maintains the legacy of their forerunners as one of the reputed pioneers in Qatari business history.
  2. Excellence – Chooses the best products and services to meet the market demands.
  3. Quality – Collaborates with international partners and suppliers to bring the best products and services to Qatar and employs people to render quality customer service in its respective divisions.
  4. Commitment – Delivers and meet the standards of its clients and partners thus, gaining the trust of all our stakeholder groups.
  5. Creativity – Strategically introduces innovations through diversification and expansion in the market.


  1. To increase profitability and engage in social responsibility.
  2. To gain revenue through customer satisfaction by investing in quality products and services to market from reliable and prominent business partners.
  3. To maintain the family business image in supporting the commercial and economic developments of the country along with the vision of the State.
  4. To provide employment to locals and expats who are also considered as partners of the company in attaining its vision.