Al Majed Technologies is a member of the well-established group, Al Majed Group, in Qatar. As a firmly established company, Al Majed Technologies offers high technical consultation in Low Current System and IT Solutions. Al Majed Technologies is an IT solutions provider & involved in the designing of complex, advanced commercial & industrial related Fire Protection Systems, Low Current Systems lie Fire Alarms Systems, Public Address two way communication systems, Building Management Systems...etc. to serve the highly emerging and dynamic market, and the many prominent projects in the State of Qatar and the region. For the best interest of our customers, we have adopted offering integrated enterprise products and services based on the principles of open solutions. We lead the way across a diverse range of disciplines, from designing the latest commercial/residential buildings, to power plants/hazardous refineries across Qatar, As the requirement of our clients become more complex, the solutions delivered by Al Majed Technologies become more and more innovative. Al Majed Technologies is an integrated design engineering firm located in Qatar’s IT Capital, Doha. We can offer wide range of design solutions in the field of fire protection, Low Current Systems & Building Management System.