TAG Heuer marks partnership with Al Majed Jewellery

TAGHeuer celebrated its partnership with Al Majed Jewellery, by partici- pating in the 2015 Doha Watch and Jewellery Exhibition. The exhibition was the ideal occasion for Al Majed to re- launch the prestigious brand in Qatar, mark- ing the official beginning of its partnership with Al Majed group.

Kolia Neveaux, General Manager of TAG Heuer Middle East, expressed his delight at striking a partnership with Al Majed family, said: “This fruitful partnership will allow TAG Heuer to connect with our Qatari Audience,

and will help us in coming up with practi- cal marketing strategies that work best with Qatar’s traditions and heritage.”

“We have such a huge respect for the Qatari Community, and this partnership allows us to offer them the best possible creations and services. We look to the future with full con- fidence in Al Majed’s abilities and in ours,” Neveaux added.

He also mentioned that their partnership with Al Majed family will enable them to launch their own showroom in Doha, possi- bly in the next year. Neveaux announced TAG

Heuer’s interest in sponsoring the upcoming Fifa games in 2022, as well.

Inside the TAG Heuer booth a McLaren car was displayed to celebrate 30 years of partner- ship between TAG Heuer and McLaren, where both continue to break record in precision and technological innovation while bringing together artistic expertise with imaginative engineering. The contemporary characteris- tics of the booth brought to mind the brand’s new strategy and mindset of “Don’t crack under pressure”