Al Majed Group Holding started in 1943.

Mr. Ali Al Majed, a young pearl trader with a courageous spirit of entrepreneurship and ambition, became one of the most prominent pearl traders in the Gulf.
His son, Mahdi took after his father the most, setting sail on his own and trading in the most appealing of pearls. When oil was discovered in the 1940s and a new era of prosperity began in Qatar, Mahdi established “Al Majed Jewellery”, which expanded to include jewellery from the best designers in Europe and became a center of attraction for all jewellery seekers in Qatar.

Today, Mahdi’s three sons, Ahmad, Mohammed and Jamil, handle the family business with great honor and dedication. They have enhanced the business image and services, diversified the portfolio of products and services, and have expanded Al Majed Group with eleven divisions.

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Maintaining premium status as a leading Qatari business conglomerate while forging lifelong partnerships of world class caliber.


We aim to achieve prosperity for our partners by meeting the needs of our customers and exceeding their expectations, and by striving to improve quality, efficiency and values, as well as launching new products and services.


  • Integrity – This family-owned business enhances its image to cope with modernization while maintaining the legacy of its forerunners as one of the reputed pioneers in Qatari business history.
  • Excellence – Chooses the best products and services to meet market demands.
  • Quality – Collaborates with international partners and suppliers to bring the best products and services to Qatar and employs qualified people to render quality customer service in its respective divisions.
  • Commitment – Delivers and meets the standards of its clients and partners, thus gaining the trust of all our stakeholder groups.
  • Creativity – Strategically introduces innovations through diversification and expansion in the market.


  • To increase profitability and engage in social responsibility.
  • To achieve growth by investing in customer service and developing high-quality products and services in partnership with leading international companies and business partners.
  • To support the commercial and economic development of Qatar in line with the vision of the country.
  • To provide employment to locals and expats who are considered as partners in realizing the company’s vision.

Chairman's Message

I would personally like to welcome you to Al Majed Group’s website which we have developed in the spirit of creating a virtual interface linking our products and services to our clientele and business partners.

As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of heritage, tradition and commitment to our ancestry and country. As a forward-looking group of companies, we have the highest standards of corporate governance, professionalism and operational standards. This combination is indeed a key factor in our success as contributors to economic and social development.

Working across many business sectors, independently or together with trusted partners, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver local understanding and expertise of the highest international standards.

While we celebrate seven decades of booming operations, we also honor our commitment to The State of Qatar’s development goals through our business acumen and our continuous investment in technology, and above all, we celebrate our vigorous involvement in the community that has proven to be the binding thread that makes us one of the most successful family-run business conglomerates in Qatar today.

Our partnerships have been a critical component of our success. For decades, we have identified and worked with the world’s best, bringing international expertise into our local markets and providing the support that has allowed our businesses, customers and partners to thrive.

Moving forward, we shall continue to invest in our current businesses as well as in a range of exciting new sectors, offering new opportunities for the years to come.

We, the next generation of Al Majed family, are honored to assume the mantle of leadership in a country that continues to mature as a vibrant global economy. Guided by our inherited culture and progressive approach, Al Majed Group is looking forward to supporting the economic, social and cultural development of The State of Qatar long into the future.

Board Members

Ahmad Bin Mahdi Al Majed

Chairman, Al Majed Group

Mr. Mohamed Al Majed

Vice Chairman

Mr. Jamil Al Majed

Vice Chairman

Mr. Nasr Al Majed


Ms. Tagreed Al Majed