Mirrored movement 107.0 with impeccable finishing –
seen on the wrist
 Transparent sapphire crystal dial reveals the sophisticated mechanics and superb
craftsmanship of all movement parts
 Both the rose gold and white gold versions are limited to eight watches each
 Calibre 107.0 with mirrored design
 The winder with pusher and stop seconds can be fully admired on the back of the
’It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to
the eye.’ Reversing this quote from the celebrated classic ‘The Little Prince’ by
Saint-Exupéry, the Moritz Grossmann Manufacture has mirrored the mechanism
of Calibre 107.0 on the dial side of the BACKPAGE Transparent, transforming it
into a visual experience for the eye. The mechanical heart of the BACKPAGE
Transparent was shifted from the back of the movement to the front so that its
delicate beauty can be admired on the wrist.
With the BACKPAGE Transparent, Moritz Grossmann offers a showcase for the
beauty of Grossmann’s watchmaking artistry. The watchmakers from Grossmann
have designed the calibre 107.0 with a mirrored High-Artistic Finish and moved it
to the dial side. The moving spectacle of the movement with Grossmann’s
balance wheel, ratchet wheel, crown wheel and Glashütte stopwork with backlash
can be admired in its entirety through the transparent sapphire crystal dial.

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