Chronoswiss is delighted to announce the launch of its latest horological masterpiece: The Open Gear Flying Tourbillon Underworld. Limited to an exclusive 15 pieces, this breathtaking timepiece is a deep dive into the abyss of watchmaking artistry, inviting connoisseurs to explore the mystical depths of time itself.

The Open Gear Flying Tourbillon Underworld captivates with a 44mm stainless steel case that harbors secrets of the ancient craft. The black hand-guilloché dial, reminiscent of the infinite night sky, sets the stage for the purple movement that beats at its heart. Its flying tourbillon, majestically positioned at 6 o’clock, is the metaphorical underworld passage through which the flow of time is both observed and worshipped.

Adorning the wrist, the timepiece’s alligator strap, which glows with a luminous purple hue in darkness, is akin to the ethereal glow of bioluminescent creatures of the deep sea, and is finished with a purple Alcantara on the backside for comfort that is as luxurious as it is mysterious.

“With the Open Gear Tourbillon Underworld, we invite the wearer to glance beyond the veil,” says Oliver Ebstein, CEO of Chronoswiss. “Some of our watchmakers might say, it’s a portal to the Underworld of horology where the spirit of time is enshrined in every detail, from the partly skeletonized dial to the stunningly decorated manufacture movement.”

The Underworld’s name was chosen to evoke the hidden realms of exceptional watchmaking, bringing to light the allure of what is rarely seen – the intricate dance of gears and springs that is often shrouded in secrecy.

Chronoswiss has a legacy of breaking with conventions and pushing the boundaries of traditional watchmaking. The Open Gear Tourbillon Underworld timepiece is another high-end testament to this pioneering spirit. It stands not just as a keeper of time, but as a keeper of secrets, representing 40 years of Chronoswiss watchmaking while gleaming boldly into the future.

For those daring enough to delve into the Underworld, the Open Gear Tourbillon is a beacon of Chronoswiss’ relentless pursuit of innovation, a piece that doesn’t just keep time but narrates the owner’s story. Woven from the shadows and lit by the brilliance of a tourbillon that floats like a specter, it’s a story of 15 souls fortunate enough to wield the power of the Underworld on their wrist.