The BR 01 CYBER SKULL SAPPHIRE ICE BLUE stands out as a refreshing contemporary high-end watchmaking timepiece. Hidden behind its mocking smile, the blue skull reveals, in complete transparency, a masterpiece of craftmanship in the service of watchmaking.


The new BR 01 CYBER SKULL SAPPHIRE ICE BLUE is the latest member in the BR 01 Cyber Skull collection of rare watches. Through this atypical collection, with versions in ceramic, sapphire and bronze, Bell & Ross is able to fully pursue the exploration of its favourite themes: the design of exceptional timepieces and the singularity of its design. The Cyber Skull collection’s state-of-the-art and multi-faceted watch case is strikingly reminiscent of the aesthetics of certain stealth planes. The link is not trivial when we know the involvement of the House in the world of aeronautics. This timepiece is symbolic in more than one way.

In art and watchmaking, the skull motif is well known as an expression of the philosophical theme of vanity, associated with the passing of time, life and death.
This skull is also a tribute to the special forces units for which Bell & Ross designs and develops instrument timepieces. Tracing back its roots to the times of the Vikings or pirates right through to modern-day situations, elite troops and paratroopers have made the skull motif their emblem to ward off bad luck. With its resolutely bold and modern design, Bell & Ross has made it one of its talismans.


If boldness had to have a colour, it would be blue for sure. The meaning of the colour blue has changed several times over the centuries. In modern times, it has become a symbol of nature and purity.

So many inspirations that could not fail to nourish the creative imagination of Bruno Belamich, Creative Director and co-founder of Bell & Ross, “the icy aspect of sky blue combines perfectly with the transparency of the sapphire of the case, like a faceted iceberg”. For a new exceptional execution, it is this fresh ice blue tone, a bold and unusual colour in fine watchmaking, which was chosen to adorn the central part of the dial. Meticulously made in galvanised brass and blue PVD, it is the true face of the BR 01 CYBER SKULL SAPPHIRE ICE BLUE.


To express all the fascinating power of the skull, Bell & Ross has chosen to place it in a 45 mm case, which is waterresistant to 30 metres and completely transparent, including the back. This case is made of sapphire, a high-tech composite material that is almost as hard and scratch-resistant as diamond. The design of this particular type of corundum gem is very complex. Its flawless transparency assumes that there is no impurity. Its production, which requires heating an alumina powder melted by a hydrogen flame to a temperature exceeding 2,000°C, is extremely delicate. Transparency is also a way of exposing the contemporary know-how of fine watchmaking. To make the overall look perfectly consistent on the wrist, Bell & Ross has equipped the watch with a transparent soft silicone strap, which is closed by a polished and satin-finished steel pin buckle. A limited edition of only 25 pieces, the new BR 01 CYBER SKULL SAPPHIRE ICE BLUE is an ultra-exclusive timepiece by nature.


In its entirely translucent case, the BR 01 CYBER SKULL SAPPHIRE ICE BLUE reveals a fine watchmaking automaton animation which triggers the lower part of the jaw. The skull of this modern vanity becomes particularly smiling and seems to burst into life thanks to a high-end watch movement: the hand-wound mechanical calibre BR-CAL.209, with a 48-hour power reserve and a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. The latter, mixed with the energy demand of the automaton animation, guarantees precision and reliability. The overall transparency of this exceptional timepiece allows you to admire the carefully crafted finishes of this manufacture calibre with the naked eye. Watchmaking enthusiasts will appreciate the rhodium-plated bridges and plates which, together with the numerous openwork or skeletonised components, will not only delight collectors, but will also allow aesthetes to delve into the heart of the subject. Undeniably, this blue skull represents an addition to the Bell & Ross’ collection confirming the brand’s credibility when it comes to fine watchmaking.