Chronoswiss introduces the Delphis Paraiba: A color changing masterpiece in steel showcasing the finest of independent watchmaking.


With the all-new Paraiba, Chronoswiss continues to push boundaries one big step further. The Paraiba marks the introduction of the first steel model in the Delphis family with a stunning hand Guilloche on a mesmerizing color changing domed surface. This exceptional timepiece, powered by the all-new manufacture movement, proves once more the  nparalleled commitment to individuality and fine craftsmanship.
The name “Paraiba” might sound familiar to those following the latest models. The color changing dial has become a Chronoswiss signature and is inspired by the rare Brazilian gemstone. The mesmerizing color transformation may transport you from the depths of the jungle to the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea in an instant. The CVD-coating comined with the Guilloche pattern captures the essence of the Paraiba’s allure and takes the eye on a journey of wonder. Unlike traditional flat dials, the Delphis Paraiba’s surface is curved, presenting a challenge that only a few master artisans can overcome. Crafted by the skilled Guillocheurs at the Atelier Lucerne, the curved shape enhances the effect and creates a threedimensional visual firework. This extraordinary technique, performed on a century-old machine, is a rare art that few watch brands can implement.

However, the show does not stop at the miraculous color change. With provocative ease, the retrograde minute floats over the dial, triggering the jumping hour at 12 o’clock. The small seconds continuously run on an UFO, hovering weightlessly above the anthracitecolored base dial at 6 o’clock, showcasing the same craftsmanship found in the curved crescent moon above.

The newest Delphis model builds upon the heritage of the Delphis Oracle, which made waves at Watches & Wonders ’23 with its breathtaking fire enamel in red gold. Now, Chronoswiss takes the Delphis to new heights by incorporating a hand Guilloche dial in a steel case, elevating the watch’s elegance and versatility. Maintaining the brand’s signature sculptural geometry, the Modern Mechanical timepiece creates a unique aesthetic. The Sapphire glass on the back side reveals the new manufacture movement, featuring 37 rubies, 55 hours of power reserve, Cote de Geneve and a rotor made from tungsten – all ruthenium plated in dark grey, enhancing the overall elegance and sophistication of the Delphis Paraiba.
Limited to just 50 pieces, the newest Chronoswiss is a true watchmaking masterpiece that flawlessly combines ancient artisan craftsmanship with state-of-the-art design.