Chronoswiss Presents the Delphis Dracula: An Eternal Masterpiece

Chronoswiss is proud to introduce the Delphis Dracula, a timepiece that marries timeless elegance with a touch of the supernatural, created for eternity. Crafted from 18ct solid gold and featuring a hand-guilloched, blood-red Grand Feu enamel dial, this watch is set to captivate and mesmerize.
Legend has it that vampires live eternally, as long as they avoid daylight. During the day, they retreat to coffins, resting and preparing for the night. Similarly, the Delphis Dracula finds its resting place in an exquisite wooden coffin—a true collector’s box that adds an element of mystery and immortal allure.

A Tale of Immortality and Precision

Inspired by the eternal legend of Count Dracula, the new Delphis, created in the Atelier in Lucerne, embodies the essence of immortality. The deep red enamel dial crafted using the ancient technique of Grand Feu enamel on a hand-guilloched, 18ct gold and curved surface symbolizes the eternal bloodline and the timeless nature of the vampire myth. This timepiece is a story, a legend brought to life. The process of creating the Delphis Dracula’s dial is an extraordinary act of craftsmanship. It involves the meticulous application of seven layers of translucent enamel, each one requiring perfect execution with absolutely no margin for error. This painstaking process ensures a rich, deep red hue that radiates with intensity and luster, embodying the very essence of Dracula’s bloody eternal allure. The curved guilloche dial crafted by hand on century-old machines, represents a lineage of handcraft that dates back centuries – possibly even back to the time of vampire tales and myths.
In addition to its aesthetic beauty, the Delphis Dracula boasts a mechanical marvel with a very rare complication that instantly captivates the eye: Jumping Hours and a Retrograde Minute. At its heart lies the new manufacture movement C.6004, developed in collaboration with La Joux-Perret, that elevates the artistry of watchmaking in Lucerne to new heights.

A Limited Edition for the Connoisseur

The Delphis Dracula is a limited edition of just 50 pieces, crafted for those who appreciate the blend of art, history, and fine watchmaking. Each watch is individually numbered, making it a rare and coveted piece for collectors and enthusiasts. Chronoswiss has once again
demonstrated its unwavering commitment to excellence and courage to dream big and bold with the Delphis Dracula, embodying the very spirit of Chronoswiss’s philosophy: Modern Mechanical.

Chronoswiss Unveils the Delphis Dune: A Journey Through Time and Sand

Chronoswiss proudly announces the launching of the Delphis Dune, a stunning new addition to the esteemed Delphis collection. Encased in titanium and adorned with an amber-colored Grand Feu enamel dial, this timepiece evokes the mystique and beauty of the desert. Once again, the Delphis Dune is a testament to Chronoswiss’s commitment to blending tradition with innovation.

Mystical Desert Inspiration

Inspired by the endless dunes and the timeless allure of the desert, the Delphis Dune captures the essence of natural beauty and serenity. The enamel paint, carefully applied in seven fine layers on the hand-guilloched 18ct red gold dial inside the Atelier Lucerne, builds the center stage for the stunning retrograde Minute and jumping hour complication. It reflects the shifting sands and the ever changing landscape of the desert. This watch is a journey through time, capturing the spirit of exploration and discovery.

Superior Craftsmanship

The Chronoswiss Delphis family is known for its technical excellence while offering a unique aesthetic appeal at the same time. The titanium grade 5 case with its 42mm diameter provides a lightweight yet robust frame, perfectly complementing the rich, sandy hues of the enamel dial. This combination of materials and colors creates a watch that is both durable and captivating. The Delphis Dune is crafted in limited quantities of just 50 pieces, ensuring its exclusivity and appeal to discerning collectors. Each piece is a work of art, reflecting Chronoswiss’s dedication to quality and innovation, distinctively “Modern Mechanical”.

Sent from Heaven: The Delphis Horizon

Chronoswiss proudly presents the Delphis Horizon, a heavenly fusion of artistry and innovation. Encased in 42mm of Grade 5 Titanium, this celestial masterpiece features an 18ct white gold dial adorned with a curved Guilloché half-moon and seven layers of sky-blue Grand Feu enamel, capturing the serene beauty of the horizon.

A Celestial Symphony

The Delphis Horizon, powered by the state-of-the-art Manufacture Movement C.6004, embodies the boundless spirit of the sky. The harmonious blend of a titanium case and a resplendent white gold dial, bathed in layers of sky-blue enamel, creates an ethereal play of light and shadow. This exquisite interplay evokes the infinite expanse of the heavens, with the small seconds display at 6 o’clock floating like a celestial body in the vast blue sky.

Crafting the Heavens

Creating the Delphis Horizon’s dial is akin to painting the sky. The curved Guilloché pattern on the white gold surface demands unparalleled skill and precision. Each layer of Grand Feu enamel, meticulously applied seven times, results in a dial that is a celestial marvel, radiating depth and heavenly hues. This artistry transforms the timepiece into a portal to the skies, where every glance is a journey through the clouds. Limited to just 50 pieces, the Delphis Horizon is not merely a watch but a piece of the sky. It rests in an elegant collector’s box, waiting to be unveiled. This timepiece is a testament to Chronoswiss’s commitment to merging timeless craftsmanship with futuristic vision, offering a slice of heaven to its wearer. The Manufacture Caliber C.6004, with a 55-hour power reserve, ensures that this celestial journey is marked by precision and reliability.