The subtle metamorphosis of an icon

Creative and brilliant changes, inspire. This notion describes the essence of Bell & Ross’ new version of its emblematic BR 03 watch. The BR 03 shares similarities, but has been taken to a higher level by means of a sophisticated evolution.

The BR 03, an icon in Bell & Ross’ history

The BR 03 collection embodies Bell & Ross’ identity and style and has been one of its landmarks as of 2006. Since its inception in 1994, the brand has proudly been the ultimate reference in the field of aviation watches, by meeting the demands of professional users in extreme conditions. Its design principles are inspired in aircraft cockpits and aeronautical instrumentation, which ensures first class performance. Legibility, functionality, precision and reliability are guaranteed in every Bell & Ross watch .

The brand is a benchmark in the world of professional aviation watches. It is also respected because it epitomizes the spirit of refinement and good taste. Today, it surprises us by revisiting its worldwide identifiable case. Its legendary “circle within a square, held by four screws” that is reminiscent of the silhouette of cockpit clocks, was a brilliant bid. The story goes like this: the BR 01 made its appearance in 2005 with an imposing 46 mm case. In 2006, the 42 mm model was launched with great success. In 2023 the BR 03 amazes us, once again, with a 41 mm case and other remarkable features.

Same spirit, striking new proportions

In the universe of watchmaking design, every millimeter counts. Enlarging or reducing a case is a serious matter. Designers often prefer to start over, rather than altering an iconic model. Bruno Belamich, Bell & Ross’ co-founder and Creative Director, who knows about impeccability, says: “With the new BR 03, we modified the proportions of the collection by respecting its canons. Our goal was to preserve the identity that has made the BR 03 so successful, while adapting it to the new times and maintaining its allure.” The lightly smaller dimensions of the case –42 mm to 41– are delicate and powerful at the same time. They are immediately perceived by the eye and change the look and feeling of the watch. This is enhanced by the lugs, which have now changed from 4.5 mm to 4. These transformations reflect an exciting and newfound rhythm.

Design and movement taken to a higher level

The evolution of the BR 03 includes a narrower rubber strap and a new automatic movement: the BR-CAL.302, which introduces an extended power reserve of 54 hours. This implies the watch can be left unused and will display the exact time two days later.

A wide-ranging and accomplished collection

The vibrant and breathtaking BR 03 collection is novel and classic at the same time. The brand’s iconic models are now powered by the latest automatic BR CAL.302 caliber and are also water-resistant to 100 meters. It presents three models in Bell & Ross’ black case: Black Matte, Phantom and Heritage, with a resolutely retro look. Three versions in polished steel –Black Steel, Blue Steel and Golden Heritage– with black, blue and brown dials, respectively. The latter surprises us with a new tone that evokes a trendy vintage spirit with the Heritage concept at its heart.


The attractive copper dial of the BR 03 Copper is achieved through a galvanization process and is enhanced by engraved black numerals and indexes that give it further depth. It has blue metallic hands that provide an original and charming retro look with a modern twist.


Finally, the BR 03 Military Ceramic combines a matte black ceramic case with a khaki dial. This powerful watch is boldly positioned as a militaryinspired timepiece that has also influenced Bell & Ross since its beginnings.


The excellence of the past has inspired the present with the refined evolution of an icon. Bell & Ross’ saga started in an aircraft cockpit and was driven by the ambition of designing watches directly inspired by aeronautical instrumentation. The brand never ceases to amaze us. Loyal to its codes, but with a slightly reduced size, the BR 03 has gone forward with a new automatic movement: the BR-CAL.302 caliber with a 54-hour power reserve. The BR 03 collection has revisited three watches with black ceramic cases, and three in polished steel. The collection has now been enriched with a Copper dial model, and one in khaki-colored ceramic. Stylish, functional and easy to read, these watches confirm Bell & Ross’ know-how in the field of professional watchmaking.