The Space Timer Jupiter marks its debut on earth. It lands inside a remarkable solid 18ct gold case and continues Chronoswiss journey in the depths of space. The Planet Jupiter is number 5 in order of distance from the sun, at Chronoswiss however there are 50 Space Timer Jupiter. The composition of the planet is similar to that of the sun. Although it is the largest and heaviest in our solar system, it consists only of gas. Jupiter is a (very) special case in the universe as we know it, just as Chronoswiss is an utterly unique player in Swiss watchmaking. These two were made for each other. However, the passage of time on Jupiter is in no way comparable to ours. The earth orbits the sun in 12 months. On Jupiter, however, this orbit takes 12 years. A unique rhythm in the universe, to which an equally unique watch had to be dedicated. The Space Timer Jupiter displays the hours at 12 o’clock, the minutes and seconds in the center, a moon phase and the date at 6 o’clock – a true miracle of a regulator whose most active representative of Chronoswiss has become.
But this date is not like the others: it floats on a disc of ITR2, a creation of carbon nanotubes that allows for all possible finishes and colors. For the Space Timer Jupiter, Chronoswiss has designed a translucent date disc that reads odd Arabic numerals in Super-LumiNova, while the even dates are made up of micro-planets just 0.6mm in diameter, crowned by a sand-colored titanium sphere that illuminates the moon phase shows. A true, scale-scale solar system in which, as Einstein predicted, space and time merge into spacetime. At 12 o’clock we find the iconic architecture of the Open Gear collection: a highly polished and skeleton suspension bridge, beneath which the train of hour trains unfolds in a space-like black finish. Only the brilliance of the Super-LumiNova indexes is reflected there, applied to the skeleton hour disc, or in the form of the massive cylinders spaced along the flange every five minutes. The canvas on which this cosmic composition is stretched gives the piece its name: it is the atmosphere of Jupiter. How to materialize the depiction of a gas planet in the form of a massive dial? To describe the infinitely large, the Space Timer Jupiter chooses the infinitely small: a laser-sculpted dial with a nano-print finish. Jackpot! On this nanometer scale, the eye cannot perceive volumes, reliefs and bumps. No concrete reason can be grasped: neither craters nor peaks like on the moon or on Mars. On the Space Timer Jupiter there is only a diffuse impression of gases, colors and currents. And this process makes each piece unique, due to tiny imperceptible variations. Powered by the C.308 automatic caliber with a 42-hour power reserve in a 44mm solid gold case with double sapphire crystal, the Space Timer Jupiter is now available, but only in a limited edition of 50 pieces.