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“Majid group” applauds today’s athlete of the State 2014

Completed “Majid Group” preparations to participate in the sports day for the state and through organizing a number of events integrated sports and activities include the following sports (volleyball, football, basketball, cricket, tennis … and water sports and beach …) Add social and recreational activities with the participation of Group employees and their families, and the encouragement to exercise, as a civilized and healthy behavior and an incentive to strengthen social bonds between all employees and managers to work outside the formal system.

It is worth mentioning that the “Al Majid Group” Today Sports Management has paid utmost importance went beyond the scope of one day, where the processing of a variety of sporting events spread throughout last week after working hours, in order to build healthy individuals are able to create a good healthy work environment, commensurate with the requirements of development in the country, and the interests of social responsibility for “Majid Group,” which achieved its objectives compatible with Qatar’s vision for sustainable development. 

In this regard, Mr. / Ahmed bin Mahdi Majid, Chief Executive confirmed for “Majid Group”, that His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-decision Thani may God protect him, on sports day of the state, is a civilized decision by all measures, indicating the discretion of the state government and people for the role of sport and the importance of exercise. Although the group’s commitment to organized sports day, and to encourage its members to exercise and physical activity and promoting a culture of sport to have, an indication of the need to be a sports culture of a place and space of the life of every individual, the composition is capable of production and tender healthy communities. Moreover, the fact that “Al Majid Group” comprising staff from different nationalities and age groups, the great importance of sport contribute to improving the social adjustment through collective games and capacity utilization Albdenbh and intellectual positively.