Italo Fontana, creative mind of U-BOAT, has always produced watches in limited or special editions commissioned also by Italian and international special forces, as recently those designed for the GIS (Special Intervention Group)
of Carabinieri.

Continuing on this tradition, the new exclusive 1938 Doppiotempo derives directly from the model created for the historic 9th parachutist assault regiment “Col Moschin”.
1938 Doppiotempo finds its uniqueness thanks to the link with the commemorative watch “Centouno”, strongly requested and launched on the occasion of the 101 years of their anniversary. The 9th Regiment, in fact, is the heir of those Ardites who at the dawn of June 16th 1918 reconquered the “Col Moschin” hill, hence the name, in the battle front between the Italian and Austro-Hungarian troops during the Great War.

This is confirmed by this special unit, which has returned to choosing U-BOAT for its unconventional technical and design features that make it perfect for the most extreme missions and on liberty.

In a special edition of only 200 pieces,
the watch boasts a 43 mm satin-finished steel case, with a retro look.

This model has two extractable crowns on the left – one for the remittance of time and date, the other for adjusting the dual time.

The dial is black, with a bidirectional inner bezel, with hours and 30-minute intervals indexes that synchronize with the additional hand so as to display the two different time zones.

Swiss movement with U-BOAT specifications self-winding, with a 38- hour reserve. The water resistance is 100 mt. The strap is in green leather with steel buckle . Handcrafted in Tuscany by expert craftsmen, following an accurate selection of the leather and materials. Finishing with waxed cotton.